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The following is a joint message developed by the NCCE, Academy of PT Education-CESIG and PTAESIG leadership, and APTA staff...

On June 5-7, 2019, leadership from NCCE, CESIG, PTAE SIG were invited to meet with representatives from Liaison International (managing company for PT/PTA CPI) in an ongoing effort to enhance the functionality of the existing CPI system. In an effort to increase understanding of the “typical” users of CPI, Liaison representatives participated in a clinical site tour and focus group discussion with all stakeholder groups (student, DCE/ACCE, and SCCE). The LI representatives gained an appreciation for why difficulties with the CPI (i.e. lack of access, difficulty reaching customer service, and loss of data) generate stress for both the academic and clinical side. Additionally, we were provided a facility tour and given a logistical understanding of the processes that occur at the Liaison headquarters. During the three day session, discussions occurred with various members of Liaison team and we were affirmed of Liaison’s commitment to the web CPI tool. Recent enhancements to the tool were showcased and strategies to improve communication and user interface were discussed. Preliminary plans for the creation of an advisory board to enrich the relationship between users and Liaison in all phases of CPI web interface development, deployment, analytics and communication were established.

We felt the meeting was highly effective and returned from Boston optimistic regarding the future technological functionality of the CPI.

We appreciate and look forward to the continued communication and collaboration between NCCE, CESIG, PTAESIG, APTA Education Staff and Liason International with users of web CPI to maximize the technology and use of this tool.

Lastly, we wanted to acknowledge that discussions about, and enhancements to, the Clinical Performance Instrument are related to discussions and strategic work being undertaken by the ELP, regarding the establishment of outcomes for the profession. You may be aware that the ELP hosted an Outcomes Strategy Meeting in April 2019. During this meeting, participants discussed a new framework for both establishment of outcomes as well as potential future impact on assessment of physical therapist students and professionals. The discussion centered on establishment of competencies and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s). There was programming at PT NEXT regarding this work, and there is programming planned for ELC, as well as a comprehensive plan to seek input from the education and professional community. This will be a process over a couple of years’ time. We are raising your awareness about this in this communication because it is related to the attention now and in the near future on the CPI. Because over 90% of PT Education Programs use the CPI, we are committed to the efforts to satisfy all users. We believe this is important contextual information for you to have to appreciate the complexity of these issues.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Donna Applebaum (Chair of NCCE) dapplebaum@mghihp.edu

Carol Beckel (Academic Co-Chair of CESIG) carol.beckel@health.slu.edu

Karen Bock (Clinical Co-Chair of CESIG) kbock12@gmail.com

Jennifer Jewell (Chair of PTAESIG) jlj17@psu.edu

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