Update from AOTA, ASHA, and APTA

AOTA, ASHA and APTA held a meeting with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on December 11, 2018 to discuss the issue of students in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals (IRFs) and acute hospitals, which were raised on the IRF Payment and Coverage Policies National Provider Call on November 15, 2018. We wish to share the following points:

  • The meeting with CMS staff was collegial.

  • CMS confirmed that there has been no policy change this year on the use of students.

  • CMS confirmed their support for clinical education for students.

  • CMS agreed to provide additional clarification in writing to us in a very short timeline.

See the previously issued Joint Statement from AOTA, APTA, ASHA on the Use of Students in Hospitals for background information. Please stay tuned for further developments.

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