Best Practice for Physical Therapist Clinical Education Task Force Report– Investigate the Future

Staged Licensure? Mandatory post-professional residency? Specialty certification? The Best Practices for Physical Therapist Clinical Education Task Force was charged to consider strategies and provide recommendations to APTA's Board of Directors to identify best practice for physical therapist clinical education, from professional level through post-professional clinical training, and propose potential courses of action for a doctoring profession to move toward practice that best meets the evolving needs of society. The task force outlined those recommendations in a 2017 report to APTA's House of Delegates. The Education Leadership Partnership (ELP) is seeking feedback on these recommendations via in-person and virtual town halls, plus an online survey that will be released in August 2017. Please review the materials located on the link below and contact your local DCE if you have specific questions. Share this with your colleagues, employers, students, and friends!

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